ingest_header reads in header information from datasets that were created using ingest_*. The dataset must have been ingested within the same R session. All ingest functions use the source file's base name as an identifying column to track provenance and relate data and metadata read from files.




Character indicating the source file, must match the input.source used to originally ingest the data


This function returns a dataframe containing the header information for the file. Refer to the help page for ingest_* for more information.


All ingest_* functions for data files that include header data write that data to a temporary file. This header data can then be loaded and manipulated by the user using ingest_header.


if (FALSE) { campbell_file <- system.file("example_data", "campbell_scientific_tao5.dat", package = "ingestr") cs_data <- ingest_campbell(input.source = campbell_file) cs_header <- ingest_header(input.source = campbell_file) }